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Dr. Lucian Spataro, Jr. brings a very diverse and inspiring background to the team of Windwalker Expedition guides. The knowledge and experience he commands helps to turn each ride that he leads into a special and intriguing experience for guests. He approaches each of his ventures; corporate, academic, or environmental with a rich, varied perspective; one that mirrors the diversity and vitality of the natural world. In this way, the diversity and resilience of our natural systems are his inspiration and the enthusiasm this creates in him are, in turn, inspiring to others.

Lucian has had a great many adventures that have helped to bring awareness to the need for environmental protection, and have shaped who he is today. In 1981, Lucian was a member of an expedition on Mexico’s Mt. Citlaltepetl, the third-highest peak in North America where the goal was to set a world record for high altitude scuba diving. In 1989, he embarked on a record-breaking ocean-to-ocean journey to raise awareness of rainforest protection, riding a team of Arabian horses cross country. The ride started in Los Angeles and ended 2963 miles away in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, a true challenge of endurance which he documented in his book: The Long Ride. Lucian has a long and colorful history of riding and training horses which allows him to help people experience the beauty of the natural world.

Today, when Lucian is not leading a ride out on the gorgeous, scenic Arizona trails, he serves as President & CEO of the of the Joe Foss Institute: a non profit organization that serves Veterans and students in schools across the country.